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COMPANY POSITION:       Principal Engineer


REGISTRATION:     Civil Engineer, Oregon  #15045PE

                            Geotechnical Engineer, Oregon, May 2005

Professional Geologist, Oregon  #G1049

Geotechnical Engineer, California #GE 2678

Civil Engineer, California #C 67250

Professional Geologist, California  #7541

Civil Engineer, Utah #5571445-2202

Civil Engineer, Washington  #27596

                             Civil Engineer, Idaho  #7470


EDUCATION:          M.S. Civil Engineering (Geotechnical Specialty), University of       Illinois at Urbana, 1985.

      B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana, 1981.



Mr. Warren’s unique background as a geotechnical engineer and geologist allows him to provide site-specific geotechnical engineering recommendations based on a strong understanding of local subsurface conditions.  As principal engineer for Applied Geotechnical Engineering and Geologic Consulting LLC (AGEGC), he brings over 20 years of geotechnical and geologic experience to the firm.  The majority of his experience was completed working with Geotechnical Resources Incorporated (GRI) in Portland, Oregon, and The Galli Group in southern Oregon.  Both of these firms are geotechnical-based engineering consulting firms.  Mr. Warren believes in a strong field presence during development of the project design and also during construction.  In this regard, he has provided field investigations, design evaluation and computations, design reports, geologic evaluation, project management, client liaison, engineering supervision and review, and/or construction engineering on over 500 projects in the Pacific Northwest. He has developed excellent field evaluation skills and the ability to complete detailed geologic and geotechnical projects for complicated sites on time and under budget.  His experience includes providing forensic engineering for various projects and clients, including insurance companies and local government agencies.  At the request of various city and county agencies, Mr. Warren provides engineering peer review of various projects.  Mr. Warren has also provided continuing education seminars for architectural firms and a local county agency.



American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Association of Engineering Geologists (AEG)   

Canadian Society of Geotechnical Engineers

Professional Engineers of Oregon (PEO)

Chi Epsilon

Tau Beta Phi




     April 2005:  Principal Engineer, AGEGC, Medford, Oregon. 

As Principal Engineer, Mr. Warren will continue to provide service to the same type of clients and offer the same type of engineering services provided while with GRI and The Galli Group.


     May 2001 – April 2005:  Chief Engineer, The Galli Group, Grants Pass, Oregon.

In this capacity, Mr. Warren provided site evaluations, field investigations, office analyses, design and design review, report preparation, project management, and client liaison on all types of geotechnical and geologic projects.  Representative projects include providing geotechnical recommendations and/or construction engineering for design and/or evaluation of temporary shoring systems for projects including waste water treatment plants and foundation excavations for various bridge abutments; seven proposed replacement bridges for Jackson County, Oregon; a new newspaper office and printing building in Klamath Falls, Oregon; three new water reservoirs for the Medford Water Commission; underpinning of two new residences that had settled due to non-structural fill; a hospital in Roseburg, Oregon; a dental clinic in Klamath Falls; electrical substations for PacifiCorp in Oregon, Utah and Wyoming; installation of water and sanitary sewer utilities; commercial buildings including a new commercial building at Crater Lake National Park; various new schools in southern Oregon; and the new air traffic control tower at the Rogue Valley International Airport.  Mr. Warren has also provided third party review of Site Specific Seismic Studies for government agencies in southern Oregon, and expert testimony for various construction projects.


     September 1987 – May 2001:  Staff, Project, and Associate Engineer, GRI, Portland, Oregon.

In this capacity, Mr. Warren provided site investigations, geologic evaluations, design computations, design reports and project management on all types of geotechnical projects.  Representative projects included medical facilities, commercial buildings, parking garages, pile supported water-front docks and dolphins; site-specific seismic studies; K-12 schools; electrical substations and transmission lines; water reservoirs; slope stability analyses; and residential development.  Foundation types included driven concrete, steel and wood piles; shallow and deep spread footing foundations; drilled piers up to 120 ft. deep and 8 ft. in diameter; and small-diameter pin piles.  Retaining structures included mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls, cantilevered concrete, soil nail and soldier pile/tieback anchors.


     September 1984 – September 1987:  Project Engineer/Geologist, Illinois State Geologic Survey, Urbana, Illinois.

In this capacity, Mr. Warren provided field and office geologic evaluations and engineering studies for a wide range of project types.  Projects included landslide studies in northern and southern Illinois, clay mineralogy studies, and clay/hazardous waste interactions for environmental purposes.


     February 1983 – September 1984:  Project Engineer/Geologist, Hydrogeologist, Illinois State Water Survey, Urbana, Illinois.

            In this capacity, Mr. Warren performed and managed numerous geology and groundwater studies for commercial development, municipalities, and residential development throughout Illinois.  Studies included well and aquifer capacities, aquifer yields, and well rehabilitation.



    Continuing Education Classes

Geotechnical Aspects of Earthquake Engineering; ASCE Seattle Group; March 31, 1990.

ASFE Regional Loss Seminar Series 4; San Francisco, California; April 1990.

15th Annual Fundamentals of Deep Foundation Design; University of Missouri; February 11-15, 1991.

Soil Nailing and Reinforced Soil Walls; ASCE Seattle Group; March 28, 1992.

40 Hour Hazardous Waste Site Operations Course; Hazcon, Inc.; Clackamas, Oregon;  March 30 to April 3, 1992.

ASFE Introduction to Professional Practice; Class No. 6; May 1994.

In Situ Testing for Seismic Evaluation; ASCE Seattle Group; May 6, 1995.

Portland Regional Seminar on Seismic Engineering Issues; EERI; Clackamas, Oregon; September 29 & 30, 1995.

Design and Construction of Driven Pile Foundations; Federal Highway Administration; Salem, Oregon; October 1995. 

Recent Developments in Seismic Liquefaction Assessment; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; April 12, 1996.

Drilled Foundation Systems; ASCE Seattle Group; April 26, 1997.

Geotechnical Instrumentation for Field Measurements; University of Florida; November 10-13, 1997.

Landslides in the Puget Sound Region; ASCE Seattle Section; April 4, 1998.

Applied Rock Mechanics Short Course; ASCE; August 2, 1998.

Business Writing for Results; Fred Pryor Seminars; Salem, Oregon; August 27, 1999

Anchored Geo-Support Seminar; The International Association of Foundation Drilling; November 1999.

Oregon Law for Design Professionals; Tarlow Jordan & Schrader, Attorneys at Law; Portland, Oregon; January 26, 2000.

Ground Modification Seminar; Hayward Baker; February 2000.

Geotechnical Field Instrumentation; ASCE Seattle Group; April 1, 2000.

Earthquake Induced Ground Motions; ASCE Continuing Education Seminar; July 20 and 21, 2000.

Betting the Farm (aka signing a contract with bad indemnity language); Consulting Engineers Council of Oregon; Beaverton, Oregon; February 7, 2001.

Biotechnical and Soil Bioengineering Methods for Slope Stabilization and Erosion Control; ASCE Seattle Group; April 28, 2001.

Recent Advances in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering; ASCE Seattle Group; April 20, 2002.

Seismic Seminar for California Registration; Professional Engineering Institute; Santa Clara, California; March 27, 2004.

5th Annual Design & Installation of Cost-Efficient Driven Piles Conference; Los Angeles, California; September 16-17, 2004.


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